Legal Paperwork

I would assist and take care of all the legal documents and here is a summary of what is required from you.

Form 13 – Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) - This form is required to be lodged to the celebrant no later than 1 month and no earlier than 18 months prior to your wedding day.

To complete this form, I will be required to sight your original Birth Certificates; Passport; Change of Name certificate; divorce decree absolute or Certificate of Divorce, of any previous marriages. If your former spouse is deceased your will also need to produce a death certificate. If possible, please bring these documents with you to your appointment. If you are unable to provide them at the appointment, we can arrange for another appointment to sight them prior to the wedding or at the rehearsal.

Form 14 - Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage - This is required to be signed by both bride and groom at the wedding rehearsal to declare there are no circumstances that would be a legal impediment to the marriage.

On the wedding day, there are three forms which will be signed when the marriage is solemnised.

1) Form 16 – Certificate of Marriage – this will be sent to Births, Deaths & Marriages for registering the marriage
2) Form 15 – Certificate of Marriage – this one with a unique certificate number will be provided to you
3) Marriage Registry – my record for registering the marriage

Witness – You will require two witnesses on the wedding day who are both above 18 years old to be present at your ceremony. They will be required to sign on Certificate of Marriage and Marriage Registry. This could be any person of your choice.


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